Getting your dog trained for wearing Dog Clothes

The fabulous pet fashion is tempting a lot of owners; actually, it has become quite normal to have your own designer for your small pet. The owner is accustomed t believing that his pet is a real treasure and he will be interested in buying small dog clothes that are matching the pet’s personality. The dog will thus be fully integrated in the human family and culture; the family dog is likely to eat in the kitchen and sleep in his owners’ bedroom. Therefore, the pet is a special creature that demands for your attention; therefore, it is quite normal for you to try to dress your pet with designer clothes and accessories. There are many choices when it comes to searching for the perfect canine outfit; actually, there is something for almost every breed and the clothing will come in the necessary sizes as well.

But you will have to train your dog in order to wear the chosen clothing; you will have to be patient enough because this type of training is going to last for a while. Time is required in order to teach your dog about the small dog clothes. The dog must feel comfortable in these clothes; otherwise, he will try to tear them apart. Every dog is likely to be an amazing and very adaptable animal; he will get accustomed to his new outfits but you have to choose the clothing that is less restrictive when it comes to the dog’s freedom to move. Most dogs are likely to enjoy the extra attention that will come along with the dressing time but you have to pay attention to the dog’s personality in order to decide whether a canine clothing is the best choice for him or not.

You may be lucky enough to have a good dog but you also have to take into account the fact that bad dogs are likely to be found anywhere. Therefore, you have to make sure that you choose a responsible breeder who can provide you with a good and healthy puppy. The dog needs to find that you are his genuine friend in order not t be afraid of you; actually’ this recognition is the first step to be made in order to train your dog in the appropriate manner. You may put a warm t-shirt right in his face when is chilly outside in order to make him feel secure about your friendly presence. You will be able to mold him into a good dog by learning how to establish a warm relation with your pet. If you manage to achieve this, you will also be able to train him in order to be dressed in Dog Clothes. The dog will be pleased to receive your extra attention and he will enjoy every moment of it. Therefore, a good dog is likely to come along with a good owner because you are able to mold your pet in whatever you want him to be.

Every owner should expect to constant dealing with mistakes because the housetraining may come along with barking, digging, health crisis, nipping and chewing regardless of the results you have obtained with your dog. No dog is likely to be trouble free but you should not be scared of this feature; on the contrary, this feature is perfectly manageable and you will be able to take advantage of all the dog’s behavior patterns. The dog should not be let to scare you because the good results will outweigh the bad ones. Dog keeping skills must be acquired in order to train your dog to wear Dog Clothes; these skills will require some actions, sacrifice, planning and even resolving problems.

Somehow, every dog is likely to know if his owner is committed to him or not. He will try to take full advantage of this knowledge but the owner can also use this situation for his benefit in order to build a strong relationship with his pet. Therefore, dressing your little puppy with small dog clothes may be the perfect way to show your commitment to your puppy. Dressing your dog with Dog Clothes is a terrific method that can end up in a marvelous relationship between the owner and his pet.

You will also have to pay attention to the possible health problems that may affect your pet; every breed is likely to come along with its specific health troubles and you may choose the canine clothing according to this criterion. You must avoid the clothes that are extremely fashionable but too restrictive and uncomfortable; you have to think about your pet before choosing a particular outfit. Little training is always to be considered because you should not expect the pet to enjoy wearing Dog Clothes from the first time. The training sessions may be fun as well and they must not be omitted in order to have a happy dog that is wearing the small dog clothes.


Does your dog pull on lead when someone approaches? when he sees another dog? if joggers run by? if children are playing? if a cat or squirrel dash through the yard? Is he hard to control at the vet's or groomer's? when people come into your house?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, chances are your dog needs to learn self control. Just as children must learn to control their impulses before they can mature into responsible adults, dogs must learn self control before they can become well mannered canine citizens. Self control must be taught, just as you teach him to sit or speak or come when called.

Every owner can teach his dog self control by following these guidelines:

Train, don't restrain. Taking a firm grip on the leash and collar teaches the dog nothing except that you can restrain him. Instead, give a simple command, such as sit, reminding with the lead if needed, then loosen the lead so there is no tension at all. If the dog breaks position, quietly and slowly reposition him, and loosen the lead again.

Ask for compliance, not submission. View working with your dog as you would working with any friend. Avoid creating a struggle by asking the dog for more than he can do at the time. For example, if your dog is really excited, he may be unable or unwilling to lay down, but agreeable to sitting quietly with a few reminders from you. Compromise and be reasonable - most struggles between dog and owner are created when the owner attempts to dominate the dog, instead of finding a solution acceptable to both owner and dog.

Remember the dog does not know what his options are. A dog who is lacking self control simply does not know that it is possible to sit quietly in the face of distractions. It is the owner's responsibility to show the dog that he has options other than lunging, pulling or leaping around.

Move slowly and talk quietly. A dog who is highly excited needs calm, slow handling. A common mistake owners make is to move quickly, grabbing at the leash and collar, raising their voice and speaking in short, sharp tones. From the dog's point of view, the owner appears as excited as they are, and short sharp tones often sound like barking. Instead of calming the dog, this reinforces his excitement. By moving slowly and talking quietly, the owner sends a clear message to the dog that he is not excited and is in control of the situation.

Remind and ask, don't demand. A dog who is already excited is likely to resist a harsh correction or respond by becoming more excited. "Ask" by using the lightest possible touch on the leash and collar, and remind the dog what he's doing each time he forgets and shifts position.

Work on teaching self control in all situations. Begin by working in distraction free areas, and ask your dog to sit on a loose leash for five minutes. Gradually move on to more exciting situations, and practice often. Work at home, at friends' homes, in parks, shopping centers, at dog shows, training classes and the veterinarian's. As your dog's self control and respect for you increases, you can add laying down quietly for up to 30 minutes to his skills.

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